You need client-centric content in the health and wellness copywriting niche

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The health and wellness copywriting niche is tricky…

How well do you know your clients? Really know them? We’re talking about your audience—the people who consume your content.

One of the essential rules of writing copy is knowing your audience. It’s a no-brainer, right? You may think so, but it’s surprising how often this rule gets overlooked, with tons of businesses focusing on themselves, not the customers.

You might not realize it, but every single word you put out there is an opportunity to make or break client experiences. Yep—from how you introduce yourself to the last line of copy on your website, you’re making an impression.

You need to provide engaging and valuable content to boost engagement and usher readers down your sales funnel.

So how do you write in an authentic voice AND use real insight into what makes your prospects tick?

Here are some of the best ways in the health and wellness copywriting niche to make sure your customer-centric copy doesn’t miss its mark.

Talk directly to your audience

The ultimate client-centric content makes your readers feel like they’re the most important people in the world, so talk directly to your audience. Write as if you’re having a one-on-one chat with someone.

The words that come out of your mouth are more than just letters on paper. Remember that every word has an impact. Your content can influence peoples’ feelings and drive them to take specific actions.

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But remember, even if you’re lucky enough to possess an impressive vocabulary, you don’t need to flex your lexical skills all the time. Nope. There’s a time and a place. Now, if your audience consists of professors, Mensa members, and fellow sesquipedalians, then go forth and use whichever words you choose. If not, then use words and phrases your readers will understand.

When writing client-centric copy, use lots of short sentences and bullet points. People are busy and get bored quickly, meaning they don’t want to read through lengthy paragraphs of text. Instead, break up long blocks of text into shorter ones so readers can skim over each point quickly without feeling overwhelmed. Remember: there’s no such thing as too much white space!

When you talk directly to your clients and tailor your work for them, they’ll get what they need from you, and you can entice them to delve deeper into your business.

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Research behavioural psychology

Once you identify who your audience is and know what makes them tick, it’s a much easier process to write your content with words that resonate with their problems.

When you’re writing content for an audience, you should first check out behavioural psychology. It’s essential in the health and wellness copywriting niche! Knowing the triggers that cause people to buy can help you create more interesting snippets of info for your content.

So why behavioural psychology? Well, people often make decisions based on emotion and then justify those decisions with logic. To write client-centric content, you need to use a dash of psychology. Learn how people process information and how you can get the outcome you want from your clients instead of using traditional tactics that are ineffective in conveying your message.

You need to take into account peoples’ thought processes and understand how to persuade without manipulating. You need to know how to shift your readers into curiosity mode where they’ll consider trying something new.

The most important thing to remember is that you need to understand where people are coming from before you can start influencing their buying decisions. Researching behavioural psychology can tell you what motivates your audience, and then you can incorporate these triggers into your content in the health and wellness copywriting niche, to get the outcomes you want.

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Be authentic and honest

You do you! A key to writing client-centric content is to be authentic and honest. Now I don’t mean airing all your dirty laundry in public because there is such a thing as oversharing but letting the real you shine through in your website content helps people feel a personal connection with you. When people profoundly connect with you, this helps establish trust in you and your business.

There are a few tricks to use in the health and wellness copywriting niche to let your brand and personality shine. Think about using short, personal anecdotes from your life or sharing challenges that you’ve faced in life or your business. Gone are the days when perfect and glossy was the order of the day. With the explosion of social media, people like to see others who are firm in their beliefs and get the complete picture of their purpose, talents, and virtues.

Anyone can pump out words on a page, but you’re the best at being you. Let it all hang out and allow your personality to shine as you write—it’s what makes appealing content for those hungry clients!

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Tell a story that’s relevant to them

Storytelling is an essential and potent marketing tool. Remember what I said about anecdotes? Well. When you share your brand’s emotional journey with the world, you’re sure to win over new customers. People love feeling a shared experience.

Consider that people don’t remember facts, but they do remember stories. The same is true in marketing—telling a tale captivates your audience and creates a memorable experience.

Now I’m not about some boring, stuffy business story. It must be a story that is relevant to them. Let’s take the health and wellness copywriting niche. Content should be tailored to clients in a way that subtly highlights that you understand their pain points and help them overcome these challenges.

Do you know what your clients want to know? A story babbling on about how the dry cleaners lost your best suit jacket probably isn’t that a) interesting b) relevant c) likely to make them want to buy your stuff.

Instead, think about stories that bring meaning, connection, and engagement. Tell stories that will resonate with clients and that are relevant to their lives. What about your company’s history — how did it all start? Why do you do what you do? How do you come up with ideas for new products? Give an insider’s perspective on the work you do every day.

If you sell cannabis products, take the reader for a virtual tour of the farm or manufacturing facility. If you’re a plastic surgeon, try a day-in-the-life approach. Tell people why you chose your career.

Remember, when you tell a story audience feels more connected, more receptive to your message, and you can have more of an impact on how they feel and think about your business.

Include data-driven content in the form of infographics, charts, or graphs

Who doesn’t love a graph? Now, I love words, but when creating client-centric content, try to include data-driven content like graphs. Data is a great way to make your point because it provides evidence for what you are saying. It’s also more engaging and interesting than just writing about an idea or concept. Obviously, it depends on what you’re writing about and whether it’s appropriate. Please see figure 1.

You don’t have to stick with plain old graphs. Nope, there are also infographics to consider. In case you don’t know what the hell that is, it’s information presented in graphic format—a picture with words.

Google loves infographics and rewards data-driven content in the SERPs. Search engines find them sexy, and potential clients will better understand what your business does, how much you charge, and maybe even how good you are if you can rustle up some statistics.

Think about some creative ways of using data in your content, and you’ll wow your audience.

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Apply these tips to your health and wellness copywriting niche writing

When you want to make your way into your clients’ hearts, talk to them and be yourself. Throw in some storytelling, so your audience feels more connected to your message and includes eye-catching data-driven content like infographics or graphs. That’s how the magic happens in the health and wellness copywriting niche!

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