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Are you looking to expand your healthcare business with supplements? 

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Dietary supplements are big business. ​Did you know that a massive 75% of adults in the U.S. use dietary supplements?

By any standards, that’s a sizable market!

If you’ve been thinking of tapping into the market, allow me, your talented dietary supplement copywriter, to help you with the tools to succeed.

Creating a thriving line of private label supplements is a solid strategy in terms of business success. Nutritional supplements are more popular than ever, so it’s a great time to focus your business vision.

Impress your established customer base with in-house versions of popular supplements.

A line of own-brand supplements can:

  • increase your sales
  • encourage repeat purchases
  • establish customer loyalty

When everyone is competing to sell nutritional supplements, you need to stand out from the crowd and get it right.

Are you up for a challenge?

The market for high-quality probiotic supplements has increased by over 20% in recent years. There’s plenty of market space for everyone IF you offer well-made and marketed products.

A successful marketing plan can have dozens of strategies to help it to succeed.

Differentiate your products from all the others with a sound marketing plan. Here are my dietary supplement copywriter pointers to get you on the right path.

marketing who is buying

1. Know your target audience

First and foremost, consider your customers’ demographics. You’ll be more likely to make a good return on your investment.

Demographics is the study of the characteristics of a population. It’s an umbrella term for information on factors, including:

  • age
  • gender
  • location
  • marriage status
  • number of children
  • the level of education
  • income
  • employment
  • ethnicity

Psychographics is a research area that includes details about lifestyle and interests, plus people’s attitudes and values.

These identifiers can help you find out which people will be most interested in your product or service.

Target your advertising campaign to these individuals and increase your likelihood of success.

If you identify people interested in healthy living, they’re more likely to become clients. The more you know about them, the easier it is to both target their needs and appeal to them.

Let’s say you are marketing a probiotic product.

Your research identifies that the best people to target are both males and females between 18 and 34.

Price is highly influential for this age group, so you need to make your product economical. This approach means a higher likelihood of attracting the right customers.

Dividing the market up by gender is a common strategy, especially with products aimed at improving or supporting health. A woman experiencing menopause is very likely to have different needs and requirements than a 30-year-old man who wishes to increase his muscle bulk.

In the realms of sports nutrition, the genders are now virtually equal in their interest in protein shakes and meal replacements. You must bear this in mind with the marketing strategy.

marketing right price

2. The price is right

The shelves in the store are packed with a range of supplements, which means yours must have a competitive edge. Any new kid on the block must be comparable to the competitors in terms of quality, but price your private label supplement lower than the most popular to tempt consumers to try it out.
There is danger in pricing your product too low, however. Some consumers are not attracted to “value” lines and will be put off purchase by the lower price, even if the product inside the packaging was the same.
Remember your target audience demographics? They show their worth here. Young people are probably more interested in a lower-priced item than well-paid executives in their 40’s.
It’s possible to offer the consumer better value without damaging your brand with a value label by considering a marketing strategy where you sell your products as specials, including ‘buy one, get one free’ or ‘buy the second one half-price.’ This way, you can appeal to more than one segment of the market.

marketing clients need confidence

3. Establish your expertise with a dietary supplement copywriter

Confidence is key, take it from a master dietary supplement copywriter. Customers need confidence in your product, and to know it’s worth their hard-earned cash. You have to instill high-levels of customer confidence and aim for the best possible feedback.

Deliver on all your promises, back up your claims with evidence from scientific studies or clinical trials. You might not have these results for your finished product, but you’ll have them for the ingredients used in your formula.

Use health and wellness copywriting to create a clear description and slogan that states the benefits of the supplement. Don’t confuse your audience by being too clever or too scientific in your product narratives, let the other manufacturers use attention-grabbing gimmicks. They won’t help you in the long-run.

A surefire way to keep your clients coming back for more is to build trust with them.


Have a well-known fitness expert, doctor, or qualified nutrition expert who can vouch for your supplements or become a figurehead to help grow your reputation. Send them samples to try for themselves then use their quotes (with their permission!) on your packaging and advertising material.

Or you could find an accomplished dietary supplement copywriter who appears in big name publications to pitch in and help.

marketing supplement packaging

4. Packaging matters

Consumers buy a product because they want the product, not the packaging, right? Incredibly, this isn’t necessarily the case!

A large proportion of us make purchases based solely on how attractive we find a product’s packaging. It’s possible to increase customer satisfaction and, therefore, sales by merely creating more appealing packaging. Consider the design of your packaging carefully as it is vital to the success of the product.

The packaging is the sum of the characteristics of the product’s case or wrapping, including:

  • material
  • shape
  • color
  • graphics
  • labeling

It can profoundly influence the buying habits of consumers. Brands and retailers can influence how consumers buy by merely changing the packaging of a product. Most packaging is produced very cheaply, and the colors and design cost very little to revise.

A study of over 3,000 consumers showed the importance of packaging. Over 64% of the survey participants had purchased products directly off the shelf with no prior knowledge of what it is or what it does.


Because they were attracted to the product based only on the packaging.

Even now, when most people have a smartphone and the internet, most don’t use them to research products while shopping.

Packaging is vital to consumer decisions, and it’s consistently ranked as one of the highest drives behind repeat purchases. It outweighs the TV or the internet’s influence, and it even surpasses endorsements from family and friends.

It’s easy to create visually appealing packaging, but it also needs to be highly functional.

Clients can quickly change their mind about a product if the packaging breaks, and they lose their supplement. It’s frustrating if after a couple of uses, packaging stops closing as it should, and the product became damp and unusable.

You also need an eye-catching design that stands out. A creative and attractive design is going to go a long way to increasing your sales.

Involve a graphic designer who can help you with the color scheme and the label’s design. Consider what’s appealing to your target audience.

marketing supplement fda label

5. Labelling

With nutritional supplements, it is vital to follow the FDA compliance codes. Use health and wellness copywriting wisely. Don’t get caught out by creating beautiful labels for your product to find out that they can’t be used legally. You can do without a frustrating waste of money!

Not only does incorrect labeling decrease your profit, but it can harm your brand. Customers don’t trust supplements that disappear from the shelves following a labeling mishap, only to return later.

The internet quickly spreads information, and mishaps such as this would be headline news in some circles. Even if you return your product to the stores with entirely correct information, consumers have long memories, and your sales might suffer irrefutable harm due to your damaged brand.

It’s good to use a graphic designer familiar with labeling nutritional products and know the rules and regulations. Protect yourself from wasting money, time, and reputation by getting it right from the start with the correct labels that are fully FDA compliant.

It’s well worth hiring a dietary supplement copywriter to write you the perfect copy for your label. First impressions count, and they must comply with regs. So choose someone competent.

Okay, so now you’re ready to get those supplements on the shelves and see what the customers think!

marketing supplement momentum

6. Product selection

With luck, your initial batch of private label supplements will have sold well, so aim to improve your line with a broader range of products.

Keep the momentum going. Ensure that if one of your supplements has sold particularly well, customers are not left waiting for either repeat stock or new lines to keep them interested.

Plan well in advance to have your next nutritional supplements ready to go before the first lot sells out. You want to build your reputation as a reliable supplement brand with a wide selection to suit a growing market.

Which of your range is your best seller?

Monitor this so you place them at a lower price. Your buyers make repeat purchases, and when they come back to the store, you can market your new lines.

The store’s staff are essential to your success. They’re the force behind promoting your supplements to the customers, which drives repeat sales.

It’s always worthwhile visiting your retailers in person if possible. Putting a face to the name will help build brand loyalty and, hopefully, a lasting relationship with the store’s personnel.

marketing supplement social media

7. It’s all about the internet

People still watch TV, but nowadays, the internet is where people research products and healthcare. It’s a vast resource, and your supplement must come across well on social media.

It is not only millennials who use the internet to read about health blogs. Older generations make purchasing decisions using the net. There’s a plethora of health and wellness websites to help market your products. Don’t forget to tap into this valuable resource.

A dietary supplement copywriter is invaluable here. You’re busy. Let someone who loves to write and can produce perfect copy help you with your content. It’s a no brainer. You can benefit from health and wellness copywriting without having to lift a finger.

Social media is a potent promotional tool, and you should make sure that your presence is felt.

Ensure you have a Facebook and Twitter account and, most importantly, keep them up to date. Post studies that show your products in a good light and share information about the ingredients.

Launch podcasts, interact with customers, and utilise the platform for customer contact.

Let your product’s personality shine and increase customer trust in your brand.

Your website is fundamental to your success and sales. For many clients, it’s the first impression they’ll have of your company and products. It should be professional, unique, relevant, and offer the reader high-quality, recent content. Use first-rate health and wellness copywriting to your advantage.

No one wants to read about “latest” news on supplements from a decade ago! Keep the reader coming back for more. Not just because they want to buy from you, but to read the latest news about your products.

Don’t forget to link to your social media platforms to drive customer trust in your brand further.

Many people prefer to shop online from the comfort of their homes. It’s essential to have an online retail site. You have complete control over exactly how your products are marketed without any competitors occupying the same space.

An online store is essential to modern marketing plans.

marketing supplement online store

Market for success with a dietary supplement copywriter

Designing the perfect marketing strategy is complicated and time-consuming. You must consider how to identify your target audience, finding an expert who is willing to stand up, and assure your potential customers that your product is fantastic and making sure that your packaging works and grabs the buyers’ attention.

With the correct approach and the support of a dietary supplement copywriter, the savvy marketer can ensure that launching and marketing an own-label supplement is successful and establishes you as a brand leader.

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