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Lure clients with tasty lead magnets they can’t ignore 

Lead magnets are tempting freebies, offers, or incentives that help you grow your mailing list and ultimately boost revenue. They can also reinforce relationships with existing clients, so they’re more likely to buy from you in the future. 

Use lead magnets as nuggets of powerful content marketing collateral to generate business leads for your health brand. Visitors to your website gain access to gated content by signing up with their email address.

But no matter what you offer, the point of a lead magnet is to lengthen your subscriber list, develop an audience of raving fans, and persuade them to take the next step with you.

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Lead magnets are crucial to your marketing mix. They:

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✔️ Build brand recognition, forming a bridge from awareness to desire and a stepping stone to an open wallet.

✔️ Establish your rep as the go-to expert in your niche, and someone readers want to hear from.

✔️ Increase email subscription rates by solving a specific problem and offering people a transformation.

✔️ Move leads toward a sale without hard-core pitching by offering instant value to potential clients.

How do I leverage the intoxicating power of lead magnets?

The number one thing to bear in mind as you consider your lead magnet design is VALUE. You’re asking prospects to hand over their precious email address, so it must offer enough value to be worth their while.

It’s easy to get carried away when you create some content. BUT just because you think it’s the most alluring piece of copy ever to grace this world, it may not resonate in the same way with your potential clients. A lead magnet shouldn’t be a glorified piece of promotional material. 

The next thing is length. The ideal lead magnet should be short and easily digested. A 200-page eBook is challenging to produce, and most readers won’t get to the end. Keep your magnet short and sexy. The idea should be that people can’t wait to read it and then realise how amazing you are.

Lastly, you need to shine! Your lead magnet must show you in an incredible light, be exquisitely written and presented, relevant and relatable, reflect your brand, and spark a  conversation with the reader. 

Although a lead magnet to be proud of should bring the leads flooding in, bear in mind that a poor quality lead magnet can damage your biz and destroy client trust. And that’s where a professional healthcare copywriting agency comes in. A healthcare copywriter understands the nuances of healthcare marketing and can help you create a lead magnet that resonates with your audience. 

Every lead magnet this healthcare copywriting agency creates includes:

✔️ Audience research to find out how to strategize and maximize your lead magnet.

✔️Value and instant gratification for your prospects that solves a specific problem and moves them down the sales funnel.

✔️Copy that builds trust and authority, reinforces your brand’s value proposition, and soft sells your products and  offerings.

✔️Words that sound exactly like your brand voice, and resonate with your readers.

✔️A seductive call to action that drives readers to act.

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Your tempting, downright useful lead magnet draws people into your circle of influence, so it’s only a matter of time before they become devoted clients. It’s like a boomerang. It brings prospects back to you.

The lead magnet packages

Lead magnet services FAQ

What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is a little something that people can download instantly. It’s a form of value exchange, as the readers must enter their email address to gain access to your goodies. 

Any copywriter for health and wellness brands worth their salt should be able to rustle up a lead magnet that really speaks to your prospects. 

How long will it take you to create my lead magnet?

We’ll have a chat and plan our first move. I typically have a number of projects on the go at any one time, so I’ll need to check my schedule.  A general rule of thumb would be two weeks. But don’t worry, I’ll solidify a date for you before I start work.

If you need your magnet at short notice, I’ll see if I can help. But, there may well be a rush fee. That’s pretty standard with any freelance healthcare writer.

What's the difference between an eBook and a lead magnet?

An eBook can be a lead magnet, but a lead magnet doesn’t have to be an eBook. Eh? in other words, a lead magnet can be a range of things other than an eBook. You can offer free samples, discount vouchers, info videos, quizzes, free trials, and checklists.

However, eBooks are a great way to go as they offer value and underpin your authority. Win-win.

If you’re not sure which format of lead magnet would suit your needs, message this healthcare copywriting agency. 

What does a lead magnet need to succeed ?

    There are a few things you need to include to guarantee your magnet attracts prospects:
  • Value, value, value. Otherwise, your readers may feel cheated, and it can damage your rep.
  • Don’t forget your branding, as in colours, logo, and most importantly, VOICE. People need to associate your magnet with your business.
  • You need an effective call to action to turn readers into clients. They need to know the next step. It could be to visit your website, call you, or buy something.
  • End on a strong note, and add all your contacts, social media links, and email on the last page.

It can be tricky getting it right! So, why not request the support of a health copywriter to ensure your offering is a high-value temptress?