Healthcare email marketing services

In the digital universe, emails are a marketing pillar

The people on your email subscribers list are on stand-by, waiting for you to educate,  entertain, and sell to them. Email marketing campaigns are the number one way to enjoy engaged, feel-good communication that seduces your readers.

Email marketing is a virtual golden goose. It boosts your credibility, strengthens relationships, and yields an incredible 3,800% return on investment. Emails are effective, inexpensive, and allows you to reach a vast audience for little outlay.

You need to unlock the full, fantastic potential of the best email marketing with custom campaigns to nurture your list from cold but curious to committed and clicking. Let’s shake that digital marketing moneymaker!

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Dazzling, golden, email copywriting should:

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✔️ Grab attention with magnetic subject lines that compel people to open them pronto

✔️ Hook your readers from the all-important first line and drives them to carry on reading

✔️ Convey your main points across loud and clear with a genuine tone and zero push

✔️ Get readers clicking with power words and conversion-boosting strategies 

✔️ Include a hypnotic CTA as a catalyst for action. They’ll want to check out your website and buy or book

Your email list is a gold mine that can increase your revenue. But remember, just like a car needs fuel, your email list needs powerful emails to convert and an expert email copywriter to craft them. Our email copywriting services could be your golden ticket to success.

Leverage the relationship-building power of emails that connect, nurture, and convert

Email copywriting is all about the love. Keep your clients educated, engaged, and ready to buy with emails that leverage your existing customer relationships and nurture brand new ones.

It’s up to a whopping 25 times more expensive to acquire new clients than to keep your existing ones. You’ve already got your foot in the door with existing clients, and you’re 60-70% more likely to sell to them than a new prospect.

If you aren’t cross-selling and upselling your current customers, you’re neglecting a considerable revenue stream.

Emails also have the power to turn prospects into cash-spending clients by helping you build the all-important “know, like, trust” triad before you try and sell anything. When it’s the right time to sell, you can do so without any salesy, pushy tactics.

Healthcare email marketing is an effective, authentic, cost-effective, targeted way to boost sales and build client relationships. What are you waiting for? Our premium email copywriting service could be the missing piece of the puzzle.

Sell like hotcakes with seductive email copywriting packages, including:

✔️ Show-stopping, persuasive copy that grabs attention, and turbo-charges sales

✔️ Killer subject lines for impressive open rates

✔️ Scroll stopping snippets of preview text

✔️ Retargeting of lapsed clients and converting cold leads

✔️ Seductive body content to engage, build trust, and get responses

✔️ Hypnotic call to action (CTA) words to trigger action

✔️ Virtual celebration as your diary gets booked out and the sales roll in

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The healthcare email marketing packages

Turn your subscribers into “ready-to-buy” customers with three email copywriting packages to choose from. Don’t miss the opportunity to nurture and convert your subscribers’ list with the power of email marketing, crafted especially for you by a virtuoso email copywriter.

Email Services FAQ

What types of healthcare email marketing campaigns can you write?

You’re in luck. This masterful, effective email copywriter can do it all! No matter the marketing campaign, my email copy will grab heart, minds, and wallets!

The welcome sequence

Capitalize on people’s initial excitement. By upping your welcome sequence game, you maximize the chances of future engagement.

The onboarding sequence

Welcome new subscribers and make them feel at home with helpful education, email personalization, and action-oriented direction.

The nurturing sequence

Knowledge is power, and by educating your subscribers with each email, you engage and encourage them to act.

The attendance sequence

Get registrants to show up for your thing with a sequence that has them queuing round the corner.


The referral sequence

Make it easy peasy for your subscribers to share your news and continue building your following with other raving fans.


The offboarding sequence

It doesn’t have to be goodbye, forever. Use this email sequence to turn client churn into a fantastic opportunity to learn.

And there’s more:

  • Abandoned cart series
  • Product launch campaigns
  • Regular newsletters
  • Seasonal campaigns

No matter your healthcare email marketing masterplan, I can support you.


How long will it take you to write my emails?

As soon as I have all the details I need, I’ll plan out the time to craft your emails. If you need your copy by a specific date, let me know, and I’ll see what I can do. Subject to my schedule, expect to receive your winning words in a couple of weeks. It goes without saying that the larger the project, the longer I’ll need. Don’t worry. We’ll clarify all timeframes at the outset.

If you need copy at short notice, I might be able to help, depending on my availability. I’m quite the popular email copywriter after all! We’ll discuss the rush fee with the project details. 

What if I don’t like what you’ve written?

Oooh, the horror! I kid you not, but this isn’t a thing. It does, however, highlight the value of providing a thorough brief. Although it would be a valuable skill, I can’t yet mindread, meaning I can only work with the objectives you provide.

I get that you may be unsure of your requirements, so I’ll ask many questions. We’ll take the time and check you’re clear at this stage!

When you receive your draft copy, you may have some tweaks to suggest. Not a problem, as I include one set of amendments in the project pricing. Plus, I value your complete happiness and work hard to guarantee it.

I don’t have an email list. Can you magic me up something?

I can’t, I’m afraid. Building lists isn’t my thing, email copywriting is. Having said that, I can create copy and lead magnets that’ll build you a list that’s eager to hear about your services.

Can you just tidy up existing emails rather than write new ones?

It’s a messy task editing or tidying up someone else’s work, so email copywriters rarely do so. Clients sometimes think it’ll work out cheaper or faster, but typically, it takes longer and costs more.

If an old email has something you’re particularly enamoured with, I can work with it, but it might not work out cheaper!

Do you guarantee email open rates?

I’d love to say yes, but the thing is that copy is only one aspect of an email’s success. Yes, it’s critical, but other factors play a role and affect the performance, like:

  • Your data and how relevant it is
  • When you send out emails
  • How you present the emails
  • Your product or service
  • The copy on your website

Because these factors are out of my hands, I can’t make guarantees. Nevertheless, I can help you with your overall healthcare email marketing strategy, and we can work together to improve your open metrics.