Case study services

Case studies are the ultimate marketing collateral

Case studies are THE best way to grab the attention of leads—and shorten the sales cycle.

They get people to the all-important “YES” faster and easier.

A massive 94% of us, yep me included, read online reviews before booking an appointment, or buying that thing.

Savvy health brands understand how to use their happy customers to help target prospects by painting a picture of their transformation. They can be your best salespeople.

Let’s get your clients to work for you too.

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A business building case study:

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✔️Acts as a super-charged, 5-star client testimonial

✔️Builds trust with cold, hard, evidence 

✔️Provides social proof and highlights customer experiences 

✔️Tempts the reader to delve deeper and move closer to buying

✔️Focuses on a goal that resonates with your target market

✔️Positions you as an authority and helps elevate your brand

✔️Explains how you can solve problems, and the why behind it

Crush client apathy with a case study

Attention spans are short. So how can you capture and captivate a wondering mind?

Simple… share an authentic experience with stories.

The human psyche is hard wired for stories. Stories are how we convey ideas and information, and they’re the best way to light up the brain with buy-me-now activity.

Case studies weave a story to outline a client’s problem and explain how you provide a solution. They give readers a sneaky peek into how you could transform their life for the better.

With help from a case study copywriter, your case study, AKA customer success story, showcases your biz in action, in a relatable way.

In a competitive space like the health industry, a case study sets you apart from the competition by highlighting your value and clarifying your offer. Education is critical, and the more information you provide, the easier your potential customer’s buying decision.

Ready to hire a case study copywriter?

I’m the case study copywriter who writes like your clients think.

Here’s what you can expect when I write your case study:

✔️ Client-centric copy that helps prospects visualize the transformation you provide

✔️ Turbocharged testimonials that showcases your expertise, builds all-important trust, and opens wallets

✔️ Evergreen, versatile marketing content that works as a 24/7 salesperson for your brand

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Case study writing services

Your case study copywriter offers three levels of case study writing services to choose. From fast facts for the busy reader, to the ultimate in solid case study strategies, there’s an attractive and evergreen case study copywriting solution for your health business. 

Case Study Writing Services FAQ

How do your case study writing services work?

So you’re ready to break through the marketing noise? You’re a few steps away from arming your content with help from a freelance case study writer.

Firstly send me a message, and we can arrange payment by PayPal, credit card, or bank transfer.  

I’ll send out briefing docs to complete, then you contact your customer to let them know that your case study writer will get in touch. 

Your case study copywriter (that’s me!) will gather all the nuggets of gold from your client, then write your case study magic. 

You receive the case study by email and we can talk about any amendments you need. You can share it with your client if you wish.  

I’ll forward the final copy to you, and you can set that social-proof machine into action!

How long does case study copywriting take??

Generally, I can get you the first draft of your case study within two weeks. BUT, because I’m relying on info from you and your client, it depends on when I receive these details.  

Also sometimes, as a busy freelance case study writer and health copywriter, I can be booked out a few weeks in advance. 

Whatever the situation, I’ll keep you informed throughout the process so you’re never left wondering where we’re at.

Can I repurpose the case study?


One of the many reasons that case studies are so fabulous is that they are ripe for repurposing. You can adapt your case study copywriting into content for every stage of your buyer’s journey.  

Make your case study work hard for you by remodelling these compelling words into blog posts, newsletters, press releases, sales collateral, and of course, social media posts. 

If you need help to create tasty snippets, contact your case study copywriter, and we can discuss.