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Words that make bank


You need exceptional medical writing that grabs people’s attention from the get-go, and I’m going to help you with precisely that.

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Deadlines are crucial. Be assured your content will be on time. I always deliver early or on schedule.

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SEO Optimisation

Primarily, I write golden content for readers, but I also ensure the search bots feel loved.

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I go the extra mile with research so your content is guaranteed to stand out in the sea of sameness.

Want stellar results? Use a brilliant freelance copywriter


Words matter. Start a meaningful conversation with your readers and connect with them on an emotional level. My blindingly good words speak for themselves as they raise you above the competition.

Every word counts and should leave your readers spellbound. If you need words that do the heavy lifting for your marketing, here I am.

No matter what you’re selling, you need a framework of well-structured words that leave people wanting more. Finessing them with show stopping style demands skill, strategy, and a smidgeon of marketing psychology.

Your customers are searching for something, let them know they’ve struck gold with the sharpest copy around.



Your new website is crying out for copy that speaks to your clients, matches your brand voice, and converts visitors into eager leads.

Whatever type of web SEO copywriting services you need from short-form sales page, snazzy new bios, opt-ins, FAQs, home or landing pages, my words for websites hit the spot.


My website copy prices include:

iconart tick greyscale dark   Thorough scrutiny of your client brief so I understand your brand voice and ideal customer

iconart tick greyscale dark   Bespoke medical writing that sings deeply to your readers and drives them to take action

iconart tick greyscale dark   SEO keyword research option or bring your own. Either way, I’ll blend your buzzwords seamlessly into the copy

iconart tick greyscale dark   Collaborative editing of optimised website copy, so you’re ecstatic with the final result

iconart tick greyscale dark   Option for client interviews so I can pick their brains about your brand

iconart tick greyscale dark   Rush rate option if you need copy STAT

iconart tick greyscale dark   Celebration as you connect with your ideal clients


From $600



How does a 3800% return on investment sound? That’s the power of email marketing.

Imagine forging a connection with your readers that also educates, entertains, AND sells. That’s what effective email copy can do.

With my tailored email sales or nurturing sequences, we’ll make your email list work to its full, fabulous potential and convert subscribers to paying customers.

You need to harness one of the most effective marketing platforms available. Let’s quench curiosity, make people feel special, and drive your success.


My email sequence prices include:

iconart tick greyscale light   Audience and brand research to uncover your voice and ideal client

iconart tick greyscale light   Marketing assessment so we can see how your current efforts are performing

iconart tick greyscale light   Email copy based on buyer-psychology, bursting at the seams with benefits that convince readers you’re their best option

iconart tick greyscale light   A smattering of storytelling and light humour to activate the brain’s dopamine reward system, and stimulate the motivation to act

iconart tick greyscale light   Time for tweaks, questions, and edits, so you’re thrilled with the value-laden email copy

iconart tick greyscale light   Rush rate option if you’re super keen

iconart tick greyscale light   Celebratory drinks, I’ll buy

From $350



Looking for a way to show clients how your solution can change their lives for the better?

Case studies showcase your happy customers and promote your business in a way that humans are hard-wired to tune into. 

Case studies, also called success stories, consistently rank as super-duper efficient strategies to convert prospects into loyal fans. They show the clients’ pain points, how they faced their fears, found their hero (that’s YOU!), and used your solution to create dream results.

Giving people personal value means more sales at higher prices. Yay!


My case study prices include:

iconart tick greyscale dark   Analysis of your client’s story to define the key points forming the backbone of the story

iconart tick greyscale dark   Extensive research to underpin the writing process

iconart tick greyscale dark   Interview with your client or clients

iconart tick greyscale dark   Exquisitely woven words telling of your successes in the words of your overjoyed client

iconart tick greyscale dark   Any nips and tucks to tweak and polish the writing to your preferences

iconart tick greyscale dark   Rush rate option if you’ve got a looming deadline

iconart tick greyscale dark   A hearty pat on the back while we await the flood of happy customers

From $950



Wondering how to attract clients? You need a super seductive lead magnet crafted by sexy medical writing.

Everyone loves a freebie. Lead magnets entice new customers, generate leads, get your name out into the big, old marketplace, build your brand, and establish you as an expert in your field. That’s some impressive value.

Lead magnets are powerful marketing tools that you can leverage to build your email list. These pieces of gated content offer value up-front in exchange for contact information. And if done correctly, they’ll increase conversion rates. Boom!


My lead magnet prices include:

iconart tick greyscale light  Competitor and market research to fully leverage your lead magnet’s value.

iconart tick greyscale light  Beautifully designed, good-to-go eBook that solves a problem and offers prospects a transformation.

iconart tick greyscale light  Premium stock images and design elements to complement your message, and make your magnet memorable.

iconart tick greyscale light  Copy that builds a rapport with your audience and reinforces your brand’s value proposition.

iconart tick greyscale light  A seductive soft sell that encourages people to take action.

iconart tick greyscale light  Any tweaks and polishing to win your seal of approval.

iconart tick greyscale light  A virtual cracking of champers as you open the floodgates to a sea of zealous clients.

From $900



Businesses that blog get 67% more leads each month, 5 times more traffic and 4 times as many links pointing to their website than non-blog boasters. If you’re not publishing regular healthcare blogs, you’re leaving cash on the table.

Readers feel that companies with a healthcare blog are more trustworthy and responsive. Blogs build a relationship with your clients and persuade anyone on the fence that you’re right for them.

Regular healthcare blog posts show people and search engines that you’re active, relevant, and knowledgeable. Plus, adding blog posts with strategically placed calls-to-action leads to more email subscribers, newsletter signups, and sales.


My healthcare blog prices include:

iconart tick greyscale dark  Attention-grabbing headline to make prospects curious

iconart tick greyscale dark  Perfectly proofread, typo-free copy

iconart tick greyscale dark  Keyword optimised, so you rank well

iconart tick greyscale dark  A strong call to action to persuade readers to take action

iconart tick greyscale dark  Carefully crafted meta to win the click

iconart tick greyscale dark  Images to perfectly fit the copy

iconart tick greyscale dark  An incredible feeling of zen as you cross blogging off your task list

From $350

Plus these other copywriting services…

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White papers:

The trusty white paper is persuasive like an article, yet informative like a brochure.  Educate without selling. POA

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Sales pages

Highlight your brand and persuade people to buy, buy, buy with a shiny, sharp, and results driven sales page. POA

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Breathe life into your presentations with vibrant words. Let’s educate, inspire, and entertain. POA