Secrets Supplement Copywriters Know — Benefits Are The Bomb!

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Health and supplements copywriters know all about transformations 

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Even the most bestist-best marketing strategy in the world won’t work unless you understand that people buy things with their emotions. It’s even proven in science. Yep, research shows that people use logic to justify decisions they’ve already made emotionally.

The great copywriters know this, and they use it to their advantage. This is why the best supplement copywriters begin with benefits (how something makes you feel) before moving on to features (what something does).

Benefits are payoffs and give your prospects a reason to feel good.

Features are tangible things and give your prospects a reason to believe in your stuff.

In other words, the best copywriters work from the inside out, leading with benefits and following with features. This is how they seduce human beings into buying things — or persuading them to do just about anything at all.

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE buys with their emotions first and then later on they awaken their logic afterward so they can convince themselves they made the best choice. Whether they’re buying a gallon of milk at the store, a shiny new car, or a life-changing new supplement from their favourite brand, people buy based on emotion and later convince themselves that an emotional decision was the “logical” one.

Your common or garden supplement copywriter would lead with a dry description of what each product ingredient can do for your body, a great copywriter will…

Lead With Benefits: “Lose weight without changing your diet”

Follow With Features: “Clinically proven to reduce fat mass and increase lean mass.”

Lead With Benefits: “Feel more confident with your shirt off”

Follow With Features: “…clinically shown to increase testosterone levels for up to 72 hours after supplementing.”

Lead With Benefits: “Your partner will love the extra attention”

Follow With Feature Detail: “…by increasing metabolism so you burn more calories naturally.”

Why do we buy the benefits?

Your brand voice is mega important. People connect with you and your brand because you seem relatable, approachable, and human.

Your brand voice is the tone and personality that oozes from all your written content. From adverts, blogs, sales pages, and social posts. Your brand voice makes you recognizable, it’s your business personified, and it should shine through your words.

An articulate brand voice positions you as a leader and expert in your niche. Everyone who creates words for your brand should mirror your brand voice so it’s like a living and breathing entity. It’s a human voice talking to human clients and stirring up their human emotions when you talk about your stuff.

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Now a decent supplement copywriter knows their client’s (or client’s client’s!) psychology and that they’ll buy with emotions first. They’ll become enthralled by the fantastic benefits and THEN explore the features.

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Over the past millennia or thereabouts, humans have passed on information through their voices and stories. Yep, we’re psychologically programmed to listen to human voices and allow them to help us with decisions – be they financial or emotional risks.

So, this is why we human folks buy the benefits. We connect with the story you tell us. We buy the benefit because our brains work that way.

Fantastic! So how should a supplement copywriter lead with benefits?

Now you have a firm grasp of your brand voice and how you’d express yourself with the written word, let’s look at a marketing email headline as an example.

You’re selling your brand-new supplement for joint pain, and you asked the question:

“Do you want a supplement with turmeric, MSN, chondroitin, and glucosamine?”

They’re thinking;

“Maybe. Do I? I’m not sure!”

And that’s understandable.

Your headline has failed. So instead of “take my money” you’re going to get a big, fat “No!”

You’ve listed the features instead of focussing on the benefits. Yep, you forgot the emotion. The bit that sells.

Your headline needs to give them butterflies and tug at heartstrings. It needs to have them sold before they’ve read the rest.

Try this instead:

“Do you want less joint pain and improved flexibility and movement in just 7 days so you can get back to doing the things you love?”


“And there are over 5000 people who can vouch for its effectiveness”

You’re selling a transformation AND assuaging any doubts your supplement actually works by providing social proof. BOOM. You’re laughing all the way to the bank.


You’ve led with the benefits, and your copywriting is kicking ass. Yay!

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