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Candid advice on all things health copywriting and marketing.
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Want to know why you need a wellness content writer? 

You’re a busy healthcare professional. Between seeing patients, attending conferences, continuing professional development, continuing medical education, keeping up with social media and then trying to fit in time for your website content, how on earth can you manage?


Hire a wellness content writer and let them take some of that work off your desk.

You cannot afford for your content to take a back seat; the value of health care copywriting is unparalleled, and it’s integral to the success of your business.

Through health care copywriting, you can share relevant information with your existing and potential clients so that they can learn about your practice, products, services, and perhaps most importantly, your expertise.

content marketing leads

Would you believe that compared to paid search advertising, content marketing can earn you three times the number of leads?

Not only that, but it costs on average 62% less than paid search advertising can, according to the Content Marketing Institute.  

You can use health care copywriting to speak to your audience, solve their pain points, and generate leads.

Are you convinced yet?

It’s challenging to find the time to concentrate on your content. Do you have the bandwidth to fit in yet more work around your other commitments?

Consider the following five reasons you should hire a wellness content writer who can create health care copywriting that shines and simultaneously reduces your workload.

1. It’s possible to be too close to your business

As a healthcare professional, you’re an expert in your field, however, you need to bear in mind that most people reading your content are not.

Just because you can write an impressive article that you loved to read, will your readers feel the same way?

Almost half of those who begin to read your content only skim through and don’t take the time out of their day to read the article thoroughly.

Unless you strike them immediately as someone that can reach them on their level, you’ll lose them. They may well go to a competitor to find the information they need.

It’s essential your reader feels a rapport with you IMMEDIATELY and you don’t blind them with science.

Don’t over complicate your writing; remember the keep it simple rule.

medical writer keep it simple 02

A wellness content writer could be the ideal solution to avoid scientific and medical jargon and ensure that complicated concepts are delivered in a straightforward and relatable manner.

It’s easy to get carried away and write a piece that you feel is engaging and accessible, but if you put yourselves in the shoes of your reader, does it read more like a complicated medical textbook?

A competent wellness content writer should be able to translate even complex concepts into clear and engaging content.

2. The right choice of wellness content writer will save you time

Who doesn’t engage in a little procrastination from time to time?

I remember revising for university exams, and for some inexplicable reason, my bedroom was sparkling, the laundry was done, and even my books were alphabetised on the shelves.

If this sounds like something that you go through every time you should be updating your content, delegating to a wellness content writer could save you time. Not to mention the stress of never quite crossing the task off your to-do list but knowing you should be directing your time and attention there.

Life is short, time is a valuable commodity, and your time would likely be better spent in other areas of your business.

You’re a health expert, not a writing expert! 

If you outsource to a professional wellness content writer, they’ll spend perhaps half of the time you would need to produce high-quality, engaging, understandable, and relatable content.

Concentrate on working to your strengths, and delegate to a freelance wellness content writer to craft health care copywriting.

freelance writer save time

3. Using a freelancer will save you money and stress

Hiring a full-time wellness content writer can be an expensive affair; budgeting to cover salary, taxes, insurance, benefits, sick and maternity pay, and training.

All these factors increase the overall cost of having an in-house writer. If you hire a freelance wellness content writer, none of these costs are your concern.

Avoid another possible headache!

Employing a full-time wellness content writer has other pitfalls.

You don’t know how well they’ll fit in with the team or with your work ethic. Whenever you introduce a new employee into the mix, there are risks of unbalancing the carefully developed team relationships.

​Generally, freelance wellness content writers work remotely and therefore have fewer or zero potential human resource issues.

freelance writer means freedom

4. Freedom of choice

An essential factor, especially if your business has multiple facets and revenue streams, is having freedom to choose the best person for a job.

Hiring a freelance wellness content writer means you can hire the right writer for each and every job.

Are you looking for a wellness content writer for a case study, or a conversational piece looking at new medical cannabis options?

freelance writer new perspective

5. A fresh perspective

Content writing can be a source of frustration if you invariably struggle to think of topics to engage your readers.

Do you read your competitors blogs and worry that yours doesn’t seem as engaging or read as well as theirs?

A professional freelance wellness content writer should be more than just a writer on your team.

A fresh perspective is crucial to keep your website interesting and on-point. Your writer should be able to suggest topics and headings that will excite and engage your readers.

They should be up to date on the latest research and studies that have information to disseminate to your patients. Yes, you keep up to date, but a fresh perspective is always welcome.

With a freelancer, you can add varied perspectives with each writer.

​If you have a writer that you gel particularly well with, perhaps consider keeping them on retainer so you don’t have to worry about losing their perspective and skill.

Establish a relationship with a wellness content writer

Your content is a powerful tool, and it’s essential to find the perfect wellness content writer to create the content you need to convince your readers that you are right for them.

It can be a complicated process to find a talented writer you feel you can work with. Once you find them, you’ll save time, money and stress, AND see a boost in patient and client interest and business growth

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