Powerful ways to convert website visitors into clients with SEO for doctors

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SEO⁠ for doctors and health businesses is essential!

You’ve worked so hard to get your business off the starting blocks, and you’re feeling pretty happy with the amount of traffic your website is seeing. But something isn’t quite right. Yes, there are plentiful visitors, but it isn’t helping your sales. You’re not booking out consultations, and your goodies aren’t flying off the shelves.

What’s going on? People find your shiny, high-quality website, and then they leave it alone and unloved. Ditched. Why?

Enter SEO for doctors. No matter how much traffic you have, if your sales don’t follow suit, your marketing strategy and search engine optimisation aren’t working as they should. It’s time for some changes! Here are my expert tips to help you convert those nonchalant visitors into raving fans who buy, buy, buy.

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1. Check the website analytics

The what? You must track your website’s activity by using analytics. Google Analytics is a well-known and reliable tool that tracks and analyses web data and helps SEO for doctors. You can use this info about user behaviour to understand and optimise your website to be as effective as possible.

When you first look at the data, it can be overwhelming, so what should you look at? You need to look at how many visitors you have and how they travel through your site. Do they land on the home page first or another page?


Remember that attention spans are short, and you must capture their interest quickly.  If there’s a specific page where everyone leaves, you need to turn your attention to the copy, so it captivates them instead. You need to head the page with solutions to their problems, not make people wade through the information before finding what they want. Many people will give up.

If you’re savvy about web analytics, they’ll highlight any problem areas and allow your website to perform flawlessly.

2. Simplify the navigation and boost usability

Have you visited a website and been unable to find what you came for? Or maybe you spent a while finding the information, then were unable to locate it a second time because you felt like you were in The Labyrinth with Bowie?

You know those frustrating sites with too many pages that are too difficult to navigate? Don’t do this to your visitors. It’s not hide and seek. If people have to work too hard, they will leave and find another website that provides optimal usability.

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Website navigation should be simple and intuitive. Gently guide your visitors so they can easily find whatever it is they need.

Although I’m a huge fan of quirky, this isn’t a place for the unexpected. Take it from a savvy medical content writer! Everything should be where expected. The fewer clicks someone needs to find something, the better. For this reason, I always encourage clients to have an FAQ page to address any questions in one easy-to-find place.

Help readers find what they need and itch that scratch with a straightforward website layout and copy that speaks to them.

So how do you know what works? Ask friends and family for feedback. Send them on a scavenger hunt to find a particular piece of info, then watch to see how easily they find it. Use their feedback to tweak your website until everyone marvels at its beauty.

Also, remember that many, if not most, people are going to look at your website on their phones or tablet. You ABSOLUTELY must make sure your site works well no matter what device someone uses. Reader’s will love it, and so will Google.

3. Ask for what you want

Have you thought that maybe your visitors aren’t booking that consultation or placing that order simply because you haven’t asked them to?

You must use powerful call to actions throughout your website. Once per page at the bottom is an absolute minimum.

Call to action? You know those buttons on a site that say, “contact me,” “call now,” or “Yes, I need that thing”? Well, they are call to actions. You are asking the reader to take action. It’s an explicit instruction of how to take the next step.

It might seem rather blunt in everyday conversation, but on a website, it’s a necessity. The best calls to action have three characteristics in common. They are:

  • Specific
  • Clear
  • Compelling

Keep it short and sweet and use specific verbs that state precisely what action the reader should take:

  • Call to make an appointment
  • Place your order now
  • Read more about our services
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4. Offer a Freebie

Visitors may check out your website to see what their options are and find out more about your offerings. Even if they leave without buying, you can tempt them to come back with a free gift.

They can enter their email address and receive a digital product that offers them value and showcase your expertise.


Good examples of freebies are ebooks and reports. Don’t fancy doing all the medical content writing it yourself? This is where an expert medical content writer can shoulder the work for you. It’s a one-time expense that will boost your sales or help fill your diary.

Suppose you’re marketing CBD. A site visitor might be weighing up their options. Offer them a free ebook titled “The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Right CBD For You.” Once they read your information and see how knowledgeable and helpful your company is, they will be more likely to buy from you.

Bonus: once you have the visitor’s email address, you can send them further emails, information, and special offers, which will likely sway them in your favour.

If you need support with copywriting or SEO for doctors and other health businesses to save time and get you off to a great start, contact me. We can formulate a plan!

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