Need SEO For Healthcare Providers? Here’s how to Master those metas

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Let’s write some meta magic! 

Your health brand needs to stand out in the crowd, but how? There are so many competitors online it may feel like an impossible task. Ask a healthcare SEO consultant, and they’ll tell you that the answer is meta descriptions.

They’re the first thing people see when they search for you, and it’s what sets you apart from all the other listings on the page. It’s part of SEO for healthcare providers.

Did you know that meta descriptions have a direct impact on how many people click your link? When it comes to driving traffic, the power of the seemingly insignificant meta is undeniable.

Google uses these short, punchy lines to preview your content when someone searches for keywords related to your business. They’re a key player in driving traffic to your website, and a fantastic meta description can be the difference between getting clicked on or not.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to creating them, meaning that crafting an engaging and compelling snippet may seem like hard work! Fear not, friend. Here are some tips to help you create something snappy as part of your overall health copy strategy that’ll have people clicking away. I’ll guide you through the process so that you win those clicks.

Here are my top tips:


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1. Keep it snappier than a chihuahua

It’s best to keep meta descriptions long enough to be sufficiently descriptive but less than 160 characters. Not words, characters. Why? This is the length that Google chops them off, so anything more you write will be lost in the ether.

However, you can use this to your advantage. Health writing tip incoming. Finish your meta mid-sentence and use an ellipsis…

You may entice people to click on the link to see where you’re going.

2. Reward those clicks

Who doesn’t love a freebie, right? When appropriate mention your free consultations, discounts, or any enticing offers you have that will reward someone the choosing you over your competitors.

Like this meta description (144 characters):

We care about your health and your wallet! Call us today to schedule your free diabetes screening check when you book a complete wellness visit.


3. Remember, clients are all about the me, me, me!

If clients are me me me, your marketing needs to be you, you, you. Many people who struggle to market their business don’t know this, but the word “you” is the most critical in marketing. It’s not I or me. It’s YOU.

When you make your customer base feel special, and like you’re talking to them directly, your sales increase exponentially. Keep this in mind when creating your health content writing.

Use this little three-letter word in your meta descriptions, so your clients feel connected to what you’re saying.

This is how a healthcare SEO consultant would write a meta description (155 characters) for a health staffing agency:

Finding the ideal physician for your clinic is stressful. Trust us to make your life easier with powerful staffing solutions that serve you and your clinic.

4. Use power words

Boost your meta with words more intense than an 80s power ballad. Make it irresistible for those clicking fingers. Power words include goodies like:

  • Secret
  • Ultimate
  • Free
  • Discover
  • Proven
  • Exclusive
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Why use them? Power words are a healthcare SEO consultant and copywriter’s secret. They invoke an emotional response in the reader that persuades them to act.

Here’s an example of a powerful meta description (148 characters) for a medical cannabis company selling CBD products:

The ultimate power of full-spectrum healing CBD awaits you in our exclusive organic cannabis products that heal you from within. Find out how today.


5. Small but mighty

Take a look at the meta descriptions that appear when you type your keywords into Google. The ones at the top of the results provide valuable inspiration to craft successful meta descriptions.

Even if you haven’t written your own metas, Google will create some for you. It’s worth checking these to see if they make sense and are worthy enough to be advertising your business. You don’t want to damage your SEO for healthcare providers by missing something strange that puts people off.

It’s worth investing some time into juicy meta descriptions that improve your click-through rate because it’s a competitive healthcare marketplace out there. You need to make sure your metas are working hard for you. Don’t give away any search clicks to your competitors.

If the idea of sifting through your multiple web pages and then crafting inspiring, persuasive metas fills you with abject horror, let me know. By contracting an expert freelance healthcare SEO consultant, you’ll win over new clients with sparkling metas, and you won’t need to worry about extra items on your to-do list.

If the idea of health writing fills you with horror. Don’t worry! I’ve got you. As a health content writer, I can help you with your metas, blogs, web copy and whatever health content writing needs you have. Send me a message and let’s discuss your health copy strategy.

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