Is your health business using digital marketing to get noticed and make sales?

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Level up your content to grow your visibility, sales and business automatically. All without lifting a finger.

Finally a Done For You Content Marketing Solution!

Premium Health Content brings you All-in-One Content Marketing that grows your biz and saves time, stress, and money.

Mega Marketing Month harnesses the  power of content through blogs, emails, and social media to benefit your business with 360 degree marketing.

Publish flawless, engaging content that sings to the soul of your audience, effortlessly.


Marketing that works hard so you don’t have to.

The Mega Marketing Month is an all-in-one marketing solution to GROW your business with blogs, social media, and email series!

Increase visibility, makes sales, and skyrocket your business!

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Increase traffic and gain brand visibility with powerful, shareable, SEO rich blog posts, in your unique brand voice that build authority.

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Social media

Reach, nurture, connect, and engage your target audience. Use social media to generate brand awareness, leads, sales, and revenue.

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Email series

Emails have a 3800% ROI!  Make money and nurture your email list with a profitable autoresponder series that builds a loyal following.


It’s hard work building a business isn’t it? The sheer number of demands on your time is overwhelming. Most entrepreneurs are swamped by the amount of information needed to market their business effectively.

BUT… it doesn’t have to be that way! Let’s simplify and streamline your marketing efforts leaving you to focus on what matters most – growing your business.

The Mega Marketing Month provides everything you need to build an audience with compelling content, and generate leads with ease using blogs, emails & social media.

It’s time for you to take control over your business and boost your profits without toiling at the computer all day. Are you ready? 


 You’re time-starved and drowning in work

You know you need web traffic but where do you start?

You feel clueless about SEO. What does it even mean?

You need help but you’re hesitant to out-source anything

You need more free-time but your business is all-consuming

You want to get your name out there, but how? 

You’re passionate about your business, your clients, and the future, but it’s too overwhelming.

How can you balance success with any kind of personal life?


 You cleverly outsource time-sucking responsibilities so they’re off your to-do list

You understand the value that seasoned freelancers with expert skills can bring to the table

 You’re attracting clients left, right and center with value packed blogs and emails

You’re interacting with a rapt audience on social media and they want more!

You no longer waste time on tasks that are outside your zone of genius

You’re free to work on your favorite parts of your business because your digital marketing is taken care of


How does the Mega Marketing Month work?

  You’re just two steps away from being the proud owner of formidable content that skyrockets your health business into the stratosphere. 

Simply click and confirm your purchase, then we communicate and collaborate to design the perfect marketing solution for your brand. We’ll discuss who you are, what you offer, who you do it for, and what they need the most.

You’ll receive a delivery date for your high converting wicked words that set hearts on fire and magically open wallets.

You’ll stand out above your competitors with a solid marketing strategy that works for you! Then you sit back and wait for your new found digital marketing success story to begin.

With the MMM you can banish your content marketing woes and instead deliver sparkling content to your rapt audience.

why are blogs essential?

Blogs are an invaluable marketing asset that establishes your expert status and enhances your brand image. No matter how small your business, blogs build trust and establish clout in your industry. By providing value, potential customers will be clamouring to buy your products or services.

Blogging is the new word of mouth, but much more targeted. This effective form of digital marketing attracts traffic through search engines — drawing visitors who are looking for what you sell, without wasting money on expensive advertising campaigns.

More blogs mean higher authority, improved rankings, and more qualified leads. Boom!


what about emails?

No matter what innovations in digital marketing come along, email continues to perform well, generating the biggest bang for your buck. For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI.

Email lets you connect with your audience in a distinctly personalized, targeted way with relevant messaging that resonates with them. And, they convert like hot cakes. Yep. The average click-through rate of an email campaign is around 3%. Compare that to a mere 0.5% for a Tweet.

Plus, your email list is yours and yours only, and it’s likely to stick around for some time, (Remember MySpace? Huh?). Building a solid email marketing campaign is a stable investment that’ll continue offering an impressive return for the long-term.

and is social media really all that?

Leveraging social media is a necessity if you wanna survive in today’s fierce, overcrowded digital world — don’t get left behind! If you’re not using social media you’re gonna be playing catch up forever.

Social media gives you the power to stay relevant and competitive. You can meet people on their level, connect with them directly, and nurture happy relationships that keep them coming back for more. You’ll generate brand awareness, leads, sales, and revenue, and once your clients become loyal fans, they’ll act as your ambassadors.


You get blogs

Blogs are integral to your success, the beating heart of your business, your brand song.

You’ve got captivating stories to tell, and you  can’t afford to ignore SEO, so a long-form 2000-word post hits the mark. 

But…people’s attention spans are shorter than ever, and sometimes punchy and catchy works best, so the Mega Marketing Month also features not one, but two 750-word posts.

You’ll receive 1 x 2000 word blog PLUS 2 x 750 word posts.

AND social media posts

The modern marketing landscape is shifting towards social media. Regular, engaging posts, whet people’s appetite for your services AND builds connections. Who doesn’t want to be more likable online?!

The Mega Marketing Month provides everything you need for a month of massive engagement. We’re talking captivating quotes, stories, quizzes, points for pondering, education, and more. 

You’ll receive 16 stunning posts with images.

AND don’t forget emails

Say goodbye to yawn-worthy emails and instead ride the wave of feel-good communication. 

Your clients are welcoming you into their inbox! This is your opportunity to entertain, educate, and encourage sales. Let’s use your list to its full potential with a weekly email.

You’ll receive 4 cash making, clever emails.


The Mega Marketing Month also includes these valuable bonuses:

  SEO EBOOK to help your website appeal to the Google God 

 STRATEGY as you need a solid game plan and vision of your goals, so your posts hit the mark every time

  SOCIAL SOUND BITES that shout about your news blog posts and drive people to your site

It’s everything you need to catch the attention you crave.

Total value = $2500

Super duper deal price = $1950

And you KNOW we have ALL the answers!

Do I really need to invest in the Mega Marketing Month?

Yes. Next question.

Seriously though, it’s impossible to overstate the value a copywriter brings to your healthcare brand. Therefore, Mega Marketing Month represents a sound investment.

But, couldn’t you do it yourself?

You could. I won’t stop you. But effective writing that speaks to someone’s soul is a skill that takes years to develop. An accomplished health copywriter ensures the content they craft engages your audience and leads them towards action. We are word wizards.

Do you know how to optimise a web page or blog post so that your tasty words attract a hungry audience directly from organic traffic? Possibly not!

Also, considering that time is our greatest commodity, you’ll also benefit from the hours you’ll save with Mega Marketing Month, not to mention the frustration and stress. Think of the headspace you’ll have to focus on your realm of genius instead when you get your hands on the Mega Marketing Month!

Can you get me on page one of Google?

Ooh, popular question!

Although some copywriters might promise this, I won’t. No matter what someone says, they cannot honestly promise that their work will guarantee an enviable position in the search results. It doesn’t work that way.   

Getting to the coveted page one of Google relies on several factors, and your web content is just one. Yes, it’s extremely important to have well-written content that includes relevant search terms, but the website’s structure and design are also key. 

I won’t make any promises that the Mega Marketing Month will get you on page one, but every blog has best SEO practices in mind. They’ll raise your visibility and give you the best chance of getting closer to the top-spot for the terms people are searching for. I’ve helped many people get to the first page of Google, but I won’t make any false claims that I can guarantee it!

Can I order blogs, emails, and social media posts seperately?

Absolutely! You can order whatever you like, whenever you like!

Check out all my services here:

So what's the process?

It’s all fairly pain free! Yay!

Essentially, you pay and book my services. Then we pinpoint your exact needs, and I ask lots of questions about you, the biz, dream clients, and all that jazz.  Together we form a masterplan, then I get the writing the good stuff. I’ll crack on, then send you the first draft to look over.

Usually, that’s my work done, as I always aim to hit the nail on the head the first time. But, should you need some tweaks, I’ll have the Tippex at the ready. I’ll edit and then send through the perfectly polished final results.

TaDaa! You can publish your blogs, send out your emails, and get a’publishing your social media gold.

What payment methods do you accept?

Almost everything is possible! I can receive bank transfers from the UK, US, Canada, Australia, and most EU countries. I also have options for credit cards and PayPal with a 3.5% fee.

I could also be persuaded to accept BitCoin. Maybe.

What makes you so fab?

Because, among many other reasons, my work exudes authority, I’m talented, a pleasure to work with, offer win-win solutions, and have my client’s enthusiastic recommendations. Check out my testimonials to read more words that make me blush.

Astrophysics worries me deeply. I’ve no clue how to fold bedding, and I’m ambivalent towards many forms of folk music, but I write scroll-stopping copy that makes your readers incredibly, unequivocally excited about what it is you offer.  

Not to put too fine a point on it, I’m a unicorn among health copywriters. In addition to years in the freelance health writer trenches, I’ve real-world experience working in the healthcare industry from clinical trials, the NHS, Oxford University, and big pharma. Plus, I hold a BSc and an MSc in Public Health. 

My unique experience has furnished me with a deep understanding of the healthcare industry as a whole, the pain point of health brands, and what patients and clients crave.

Where can I see your work?

You can find some samples of my work in my healthcare copywriter portfolio  and on Muckrack. You can peruse articles I’ve written for Medical News Today, The Balance, Net Doctor, Very Well Health, Healthline, Greatist, the British Journal of Healthcare Management, and more. 

Music to my ears

Avatar photo of Lisa Hilton

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“Zia is an incredible writer with a vast knowledge of the science of CBD as well as the global regulations surrounding CBD. She also has a huge knowledge of medical conditions which she incorporates into an engaging tone that my blog readers really enjoy.”

Lisa Hilton

CBD for Pets Category Manager (Global) at Naturecan

Avatar photo of Adam Felman

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“I have worked with Zia on two different platforms that tackled different topics in completely different tones of voice. She switches across a wide spectrum of subject matter effortlessly, adapting to the brief at hand and always taking on feedback. I’ve always been super impressed with Zia’s depth of research and clarity of presentation, and I’m delighted to have her on my team of writers.”

Adam Felman

Demand Editor at Greatest

Avatar photo of Rhalou Allerhand

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“Zia is always a pleasure to work with. Her copy is meticulously fact checked, well researched and fun to read! (No mean feat in health journalism) and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her for copy writing. The media world needs more all-star freelance contributors like Zia.”

Rhalou Allerhand

Digital Editor at NetDoctor

Dr carlie bell biggins Cannabis Expert Natural Health Physician

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“Zia is an extremely talented medical science writer! She interviewed me for an expert feature in an article she wrote regarding CBD and PCOS. Her knowledge of cannabis and medicine is the perfect combination for a well written informative piece that will capture the reader’s attention and keep them engaged until the end. Even with her thorough utilization of peer reviewed medical studies referenced throughout her work, she ensures her writing is understandable for lay people and those not involved in the medical sciences. If you’re looking for a talented and capable medical writer that exceeds expectations, look no further than Ms. Zia Sherrell!”

Dr. Carlie Bell-Biggins

Cannabis Expert and Natural Health Physician

julie stewart Nutritionist

Quote graphic greyscale light

Zia is an expert in gathering pertinent facts and delivering them in a format that’s both accessible, informative and entertaining. She writes eloquently about the stuff that people really want to know and somehow leaves no stone unturned in her work. Zia was a pleasure to work with and kept to her word, with great communication throughout. I very much hope to work with her again in the future.

Julie Stewart


Julie Khanna Owner Khanna Connections LLC

Quote graphic greyscale light

Zia is an outstanding health writer and journalist who really brings the subject matter to life. She can deliver complex information in an engaging and informative way, with clarity and a true understanding of the underlying topic. In particular, she has a real knack for encouraging the reader to delve deeper and want to learn more. I look forward to working with her again in the future, thanks Zia!

Julie Khanna

Owner at Khanna Connections, LLC

Yella Hewings Martin Research Editor Medical News Today

Quote graphic greyscale light

Zia is an absolute pleasure to work with. Communicating with her is really easy and straight forward. She has wonderful attention to detail and a very broad knowledge base.

Yella Hewings-Martin

Research Editor at Medical News Today

laura gladman we are body beautiful

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“Zia always delivers quality writing and always on time. Her research is thorough and balanced and her writing concise yet informative. I recommend Zia if you want expert research and quality content. She’s also a pleasure to work with.”

Laura Gladman

We are body beautiful

Brian Barry Stand out SEO

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“Zia was a pleasure to work with. She produced excellent content, always adhered to deadlines and was very easy to communicate with. Zia followed the guidelines provided perfectly and delivered exactly what was needed. I highly recommend Zia to anyone looking to hire a skilled and dependable writer.”

Brian Barry

Stand out SEO

sean perlmutter pivotal twist

Quote graphic greyscale light

There are writers who know how to wordsmith for maximum effectiveness. Others who know how to use storytelling to engage the audience and retain their attention. And there are those who develop a great command of the subject matter, so the work exudes authority.

Zia is all of that. And more. I’ve had nothing but success working with Zia on website copy, blog posts, headlines, and concepts. Not only is she a strong writer, she is professional, conscientious, prompt, and fair. I rest assured, knowing she’s on-board.

If you want a writer that needs no hand-holding – someone who will elevate you, your product, or your brand – Zia has my most enthusiastic recommendation.

Sean Perlmutter

Co-Founder at Pivotal Twist

Why Hello! It’s me—your fabulous health copywriter!

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With the right words, you can cast spells, build relationships, captivate audiences, and change lives.

Words can make you money, build your reputation, and have your clients clamouring for more.

The Mega Marketing Month (AKA my words!) can help you kick your conversion rates up a notch! I’m excited to see what we can do.

I’ve helped countless health businesses like you start conversations and forge strong relationships with their dream clients.

When you sign up for the Mega Marketing Month, I’ll rustle you up copy that sets hearts on fire and opens wallets. Words that stop people in their tracks and make bank.

So if your business needs sales-boosting copy, what are you waiting for? Let’s do this!

Ready for a life outside the screen?

This is it!

You’re so close now, you can taste the success!

This is the first step to putting your content on cruise control, and letting the Mega Marketing Month do the heavy lifting for you.

Let’s start something epic!


Let's make some money!

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