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Wow! A whole page just about me!


Let’s get acquainted! Hello! I’m Zia, a freelance healthcare copywriter, digital health journalist, word savant, and lover of medicine. I also answer to blogzilla.

Writing and science are my two nerdy indulgences. I’ve always loved them. At five years old, I wrote a “formal” letter to my mum asking for a science experiment kit. She said no.

Looking back, I don’t blame her. Just thinking about the inherent risks associated with small children, fire, and chemicals is unnerving. Plus, this was in the 1980s when these boxes of delights contained bona fide toxins, not to mention a healthy dose of danger.

Thankfully, my thirst for laboratory action was quenched during my Bachelor of Science. I lament the many glass microscope slides that were crunched as I fed my obsession.

After graduation, I spent over a decade working in the healthcare industry, learning about patients’ needs, fears, and worries, and practitioner’s pain points. This real-world experience, combined with academic prowess, makes me a unicorn among healthcare copywriters and an expert at medical copywriting.

I bring solid experience to the table. I’ve worked on research and in laboratories, not to mention many an office, and even a storage cupboard. No joke! Have you ever talked to a clinical trial monitor?

During my Master of Public Health, I had an epiphany and realised I could combine the art of words with healthcare work and pivot. And so I metamorphosed.

As your new medical copywriter, I can write words that make an impression. Words that make you money. Whether you need words for blogs, thought leadership pieces, websites, or social media, I can help.

I’ll take your complex ideas and translate them using the unparalleled power of narrative to the rapt attention of your online audience. Let’s embrace who you are, use your brand voice, and shout about your unique value. Let’s create magic!

Plus, bonus time, I’m insatiably curious, always punctual, the perfect amount of fun, and obsessed with over-delivering.

If you’re looking for a top healthcare copywriter who can get results beyond your expectations, and drive your health brand’s success with scroll-stopping words, you can stop the search. Here I am…


(And I adore ellipses)

Premium Health Content — Where Expertise Meets Excellence


At Premium Health Content, our mission is to revolutionize the way health brands communicate and thrive with persuasive health and wellness copywriting that captures hearts and minds, elevates influence, and drives substantial business growth.

As dedicated business allies, we take pride in our clients’ success. Through our strategic approach and a keen understanding of the healthcare landscape, we shape insightful narratives that forge authentic connections, compel action, and turn prospects into loyal customers.

Furthermore, we recognize the critical nature of meaningful health communication and its impact on well-being. From people-centric messaging that fosters trust to informative content that educates, our words can make a life-changing impact.

And we don’t settle for the ordinary. Instead, as expert healthcare copywriters, we embrace the power of creativity and authenticity in every word we craft, staying on the cutting edge of healthcare trends and best practices to ensure your content always resonates.

So whether you need a freelance health writer or a healthcare blogger, let’s make words a catalyst for change, and together, we’ll watch your business flourish.

When I’m not wearing my healthcare copywriter hat


You can usually find me parked at my computer. I’m either knee deep in medical copywriting and wearing an appropriate healthcare copywriter hat, or should I say crown, and if not, I’m crafting a story slash encyclopaedia of my many fascinating adventures.


When I finally wrench myself away from my desk, I find joy in these things:

iconart conical flask greyscale dark   Riding one of my peculiar horses

iconart conical flask greyscale dark   Enjoying the visual cornucopia that is Netflix

iconart conical flask greyscale dark   Reading everything and anything

iconart conical flask greyscale dark   Baking uneven, but non-the-less delicious cakes

iconart conical flask greyscale dark   Gorging on chilli-based food stuffs

iconart conical flask greyscale dark   Walking my giant dogs so my FitBit doesn’t think I’m clinically dead

iconart conical flask greyscale dark   Spending beach time imagining how many sharks there are nearby

iconart conical flask greyscale dark   Wrestling with the continual desire to buy pretty houseplants yet knowing I’ll kill them

In my spare time…

You’ll find me on dog butler duties, leaving the lids off things, and travelling the globe. Here is some photographic evidence.