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Candid advice on all things health copywriting and marketing.
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A health ghostwriter is a helping hand for your content

Clients love quality content. Blogging on your business page is one of the best ways to increase your client base. In fact, small businesses with blogs generate 126% more leads.

Regular blogging makes sense for business growth, but what about the substantial time investment, not to mention honing your writing and SEO skills to produce engaging, interesting content that speaks to your clients and to search engines?


It’s time to consider a medical ghostwriter

Why blog?

Writing and updating your blog is essential to growing your business, but as a busy doctor, when are you supposed to find the extra time? Even writers (myself included) often find it challenging to maintain their own blog.

There’s a lot of factors involved. You have to create a content schedule and think about what you want to post and optimal timing for posting. Generating relevant, current ideas for topics, creating an attention-grabbing headline, undertaking substantial research to support each post, sourcing quality images, diagrams, and info-graphics, not to mention the all-important SEO.

​All this and you still need to find a quiet hour or two to knuckle down and write your post. Oh and don’t forget the proofreading, correcting, editing and rewriting!

One of the first rules about promoting your business through content is that you must be consistent. If you launch a blog that’s a great source of information about your practice, products, treatments and general trends in healthcare, you have to produce articles regularly.

medical ghostwriter writers block

Writer’s block

Something else to consider is that you may not find writing easy. As a doctor, you may be accustomed to regulatory writing, grant writing, academic writing, case report writing, but what about content writing?

​You may find it challenging to write entertaining and engaging pieces that your average person wants to read. Spending two hours staring at your screen while willing meaningful words to appear is probably not the best use of your time.

Enter the healthcare ghostwriter

Hire a health ghostwriter to do the work for you. Find a seasoned writer who can offer flexibility. I have been offering health ghostwriting services for close to a decade and know how crucial it is that my clients are comfortable and able to control how our partnership works.

​I can come up with ideas and titles for blog posts, or you can provide them, and I do the heavy-lifting, leaving you to concentrate on what you do best. 

medical writer writes you

I match your voice and write as if I were you. I always craft 100% original content that you can enjoy the credit for, knowing that confidentiality is guaranteed and your professional reputation is safe. No one will be able to tell you didn’t write the piece unless of course, you tell them.

Here are some of the compelling reasons you should hire a healthcare ghostwriter.


1. More free time

You’re a busy doctor. Your thoughts are with your patients, your business and your family. Building a healthcare practice and running a successful business takes time. Spending your precious time writing takes away from your other important obligations.

Not only does hiring an expert for your healthcare ghostwriting mean your web content is fresh and fabulous, but it also gives you the head-space to look at the bigger picture and concentrate on your other commitments.


2. A healthcare ghostwriter is a skilled professional

I write. It’s what I do. All-day, every day, and I love it.

I understand the healthcare industry, and medical ghostwriting.

A health ghostwriter specializes in writing. As you know, specialists are who you turn to when you need an experienced opinion and skill.

I can:

  • Create headlines that are statistically proven to grab your readers attention
  • Research the best supporting evidence for your content
  • Use keywords and SEO best practices to make sure that Google loves you
  • Provide pictures or diagrams to liven up your post

Not only will you save the time you would have spent writing, but you save time on learning how to use SEO and marketing to leverage your content. I understand content marketing. We can design your ghostwritten content to meet your strategic goals.

The healthcare industry is complex and continually evolving. You need to produce exemplary, evidence-based content that translates sophisticated research into accessible, relatable articles.

As your healthcare ghostwriter, you can be assured that I understand the unique terminology used for medical concepts and have a sound background in health and the life sciences.


3. A Healthcare ghostwriter can offer a fresh perspective

As an adept writer, I can advise you on new and interesting ways to convey your message and engage your clients. It’s good practice to have a fresh perspective.

Somone skilled in healthcare ghostwriting can tell you what articles and topics are trending, and what the competition is writing about. We use that information to write improved, relevant content so you can become a leader in the field.

blogging is essential

Blogging is essential to your business success.

A proficient medical ghostwriter will save you a significant amount of time, increase your client engagement and showcase your expertise. Consider other forms of written content that I craft, and you are credited:

  • Patient leaflets to explain treatments and conditions
  • Case studies to showcase your achievements
  • Thought leadership content to inspire people with innovative ideas and position you as an authority.
  • White papers that provide in-depth information and solutions while raising your industry profile
  • Feature articles and guest posts for publications to increase your brand reputation
  • Newsletters that resonate with your customers and keep them updated

If you’re ready to hire a professional healthcare ghostwriter and join the many CEOs, physicians, scientists and healthcare professionals I’ve written for, email me.

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