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Expert content can transform your healthcare brand

Healthcare businesses are hard work, and you’re BUSY! Does digital marketing take a sideline because you’d rather focus on your genius zone? I get it. 

You know that keeping your website, blogs, and email list updated is the key to success but where do you find the time to create copy that speaks to the soul AND makes bank?

The answer is a freelance medical writer. I’ll take this MAMMOTH task off your desk, freeing your headspace and allowing you to laser focus on your passions.

I’ll tell your story with mouth-watering, magnetic words. People are bored of boring so ditch the stale, stuffy copy. You need a competitive edge. You need exceptional copywriting services. We need to talk.

You need copywriting services that strike conversion gold

I’m Zia, wicked wordie, medical writer, superstar copywriter, and your ally in the maze of content creation.

People need lively, information-packed, digestible, addictive content that shows your brand genius, and they ADORE. Let’s give them exactly that.

You need more time, less stress, and a glorious return on your investment. You don’t need any old health content; you need premium health content. I’ve got you.

You’re in safe hands when I’m your medical writer. Why? Because of my extensive health care experience, background in scientific research and public health to boot. I’ve supported top healthcare industry names, including the NHS, Oxford University, Net Doctor, Very Well Health, and Medical News Today.

I’ll morph into you as I translate your ideas and research into imaginative, insightful, and exceptional words. Words that seize attention from the get-go. Let’s talk.

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Medical writer vs copywriter

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A medical writer creates scientific documents, while a copywriter is a combination of word magician, clairvoyant, and (mad?) scientist. We use words to make money. How?

Firstly, we know your audience. It’s my business to understand what keeps them up at night, their stresses, wants, needs, and goals. Secondly, great copywriting services leverage emotion to market your solution. In other words, I read clients’ minds and make them tingle with excitement as they read your copy.

Humans are emotional creatures. We don’t buy because of logic and features. No. We buy because of how it makes us feel. You sell someone an improved version of themselves.

But the healthcare market is tricky. Words explain drugs, procedures, diseases, and circumstances that impact lives. Copy can either showcase your expertise or undermine everything you’re trying to achieve.

As a medical writer, copywriter, and wordsmith, I craft captivating, persuasive copy that drives action. If you want clients to buy from you, join your email list, or book a consultation, you need virtuoso health copywriting services.

Does health content marketing work?


YES! Your content drives your online success. Research shows that 70% of customers prefer getting to know a company through their online content rather than from an advert. Investing in scroll-stopping content represents an excellent ROI.

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Businesses that publish 16 or more blog posts per month increase their  leads  by 4.5 times.

(Source: HubSpot)

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61% of consumers say they feel better about, and are more likely to use,  companies that delivers custom content.

(Source: Content Marketing Institute)

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Businesses that published 16 blog posts monthly saw a 3.5 fold increase in traffic over those that published less.

(Source: HubSpot)

Pandas are cute, right? Not only that, but Google’s Panda algorithm rewards websites with high-quality, user-friendly content. A consistent content marketing strategy across landing pages and blogs pleases panda, so you appear higher in the search results. Happy panda, happy clients. Win-win.

Health copywriting services


Do you need engaging health copy that uses the latest research, but ditches the dull? Perhaps you need to translate complex health information into easy-to-understand bites of copy. Maybe it’s patient resources that advise and empower? Whatever healthcare copy you need, I’m your champion medical writer.

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Website copy

Set yourself apart from your competitors with SEO optimized web copy to attract clients and amplify your brand.

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Email series

Emails have a 3800% ROI!  Make money and nurture your email list with a profitable autoresponder series that builds a loyal following.

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Sales pages

Highlight your brand and persuade people to buy, buy, buy with a shiny, sharp, and results-driven sales page.

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Increase traffic and gain brand visibility with powerful, shareable, SEO rich blog posts, in your unique voice.

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Lead magnets

Boost your email list and generate leads with a high-value lead magnet that builds trust and showcases your authority.

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Case studies

Harness the power of storytelling and social proof that can change attitudes, beliefs, and actions.

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White papers

Become a thought leader and drive brand awareness with an educational white paper that solves client issues.

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Breathe life into your presentations with vibrant words. Let’s educate, inspire, and entertain.


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“Zia is an incredible writer with a vast knowledge of the science of CBD as well as the global regulations surrounding CBD. She also has a huge knowledge of medical conditions which she incorporates into an engaging tone that my blog readers really enjoy.”

Lisa Hilton

CBD for Pets Category Manager (Global) at Naturecan

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“I have worked with Zia on two different platforms that tackled different topics in completely different tones of voice. She switches across a wide spectrum of subject matter effortlessly, adapting to the brief at hand and always taking on feedback. I’ve always been super impressed with Zia’s depth of research and clarity of presentation, and I’m delighted to have her on my team of writers.”

Adam Felman

Demand Editor at Greatest

Avatar photo of Rhalou Allerhand

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“Zia is always a pleasure to work with. Her copy is meticulously fact checked, well researched and fun to read! (No mean feat in health journalism) and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her for copy writing. The media world needs more all-star freelance contributors like Zia.”

Rhalou Allerhand

Digital Editor at NetDoctor

Dr carlie bell biggins Cannabis Expert Natural Health Physician

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“Zia is an extremely talented medical science writer! She interviewed me for an expert feature in an article she wrote regarding CBD and PCOS. Her knowledge of cannabis and medicine is the perfect combination for a well written informative piece that will capture the reader’s attention and keep them engaged until the end. Even with her thorough utilization of peer reviewed medical studies referenced throughout her work, she ensures her writing is understandable for lay people and those not involved in the medical sciences. If you’re looking for a talented and capable medical writer that exceeds expectations, look no further than Ms. Zia Sherrell!”

Dr. Carlie Bell-Biggins

Cannabis Expert and Natural Health Physician

charlie arod Co-founder of Vision

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“Zia’s expertise in content writing has shown me how important it is to delegate to professionals. Zia offers win-win solutions with more qualitative content for the reader, and a better conversion of these for business. As well as great progress in SEO!”

Charley Arod

Co-founder of Vision

julie stewart Nutritionist

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Zia is an expert in gathering pertinent facts and delivering them in a format that’s both accessible, informative and entertaining. She writes eloquently about the stuff that people really want to know and somehow leaves no stone unturned in her work. Zia was a pleasure to work with and kept to her word, with great communication throughout. I very much hope to work with her again in the future.

Julie Stewart


Julie Khanna Owner Khanna Connections LLC

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Zia is an outstanding health writer and journalist who really brings the subject matter to life. She can deliver complex information in an engaging and informative way, with clarity and a true understanding of the underlying topic. In particular, she has a real knack for encouraging the reader to delve deeper and want to learn more. I look forward to working with her again in the future, thanks Zia!

Julie Khanna

Owner at Khanna Connections, LLC

Yella Hewings Martin Research Editor Medical News Today

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Zia is an absolute pleasure to work with. Communicating with her is really easy and straight forward. She has wonderful attention to detail and a very broad knowledge base.

Yella Hewings-Martin

Research Editor at Medical News Today

laura gladman we are body beautiful

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“Zia always delivers quality writing and always on time. Her research is thorough and balanced and her writing concise yet informative. I recommend Zia if you want expert research and quality content. She’s also a pleasure to work with.”

Laura Gladman

We are body beautiful

Brian Barry Stand out SEO

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“Zia was a pleasure to work with. She produced excellent content, always adhered to deadlines and was very easy to communicate with. Zia followed the guidelines provided perfectly and delivered exactly what was needed. I highly recommend Zia to anyone looking to hire a skilled and dependable writer.”

Brian Barry

Stand out SEO

sean perlmutter pivotal twist

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There are writers who know how to wordsmith for maximum effectiveness. Others who know how to use storytelling to engage the audience and retain their attention. And there are those who develop a great command of the subject matter, so the work exudes authority.

Zia is all of that. And more. I’ve had nothing but success working with Zia on website copy, blog posts, headlines, and concepts. Not only is she a strong writer, she is professional, conscientious, prompt, and fair. I rest assured, knowing she’s on-board.

If you want a writer that needs no hand-holding – someone who will elevate you, your product, or your brand – Zia has my most enthusiastic recommendation.

Sean Perlmutter

Co-Founder at Pivotal Twist